Kingdom Minds Advancing, Inc.

 Be Renewed

…In the Spirit of Your Mind!

Ephesians 4:23

Pastoral Counseling services for those who desire to promote the Kingdom of God in their lives and seek to live as those made alive in Christ.

Kingdom Minds Advancing

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Kingdom Minds Advancing, Inc. is a faith based ministry dedicated to providing confidential, affordable quality mental health counseling services, advocacy, and mentoring that will engage and support the need within the church and the community.

Master of the Way Federation

Former Navy / Instructor of BAM Combat Concepts
Offering Mobile Personal Training Services throughout Greater Atlanta Metro Area and Outer Suburban Region; Acworth; Kennesaw; Marietta
Specializing in Boxing and Kickboxing
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To Mentor, Discipline and Train Up

in The WAY…of the Master!

“GOD has blessed me with the gift of CREATIVE COMMUNICATION, and like The Psalmist David, I too have a heart after GOD’s own Heart, where I love to express myself in Drama, Poetry, Music, Song and Dance.

I also have been skilled in the ART OF WAR.
As a WATCHMAN of GOD and an Agent of Reconciliation, I have been called to be a MIGHTY PRAYER WARRIOR in The Spirit.

It has manifested in the physical realm where I actively practice and teach the Martial Arts. I am offering my talents in the area of my forte, utilizing this as a vehicle to present the Gospel and minister The Word to this generation.

For such a time as this, I believe GOD can and will sanctify this concept for His Glory! A practical, productive, physical outlet to enable one to release pent up anger, aggression, and frustration, not only in today’s troubled youth, but adults as well. It will help serve as a psychological tool in building up self-esteem, self-control and confidence…

First and foremost in GOD, where all our needs can and will be met…

Physically, mentally, as well as spiritually. [Body, Mind and Spirit]

The LORD GOD is the motivating force that helps one achieve balance, by building one’s body, while challenging one’s mind, and reviving one’s spirit.

By GOD’s Holy Spirit ultimately leading us to inescapably realize that one can only be truly complete in One GOD, One Spirit, and One Christ. Making Him LORD and Master of our all, surrendering ourselves unconditionally and without reservation, thus being Saved,

not just rehabilitated, but regenerated in our innermost being. Redeemed, Transformed, and Refined …by  renewing the spirit of our mind.

[Romans 12:2] ~ Chaplain Nelson Colon